Sunday, March 7, 2010

God In Action: “ Recipes for a Beautiful Life”

Welcome to the Recipes for a Beautiful Life Blog! We will be discussing various topics related to our book, Recipes for a Beautiful Life, and much more. For more information about our book, please visit us at our Recipes For a Beautiful Life book website.
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We are two Jewish women (one of whom became a Christian not that long ago) and are trying to help people cope with everyday stresses using God’s beauty through photography, bible verses, relaxation and natural spa treatments.

As authors and individuals, we are similar in many ways, having known each other since we were eleven years old. However, we also see life from different perspectives.

The Bible was not something either of us grew up with. Family life wasn’t easy. Our mothers were wonderful, but our fathers were extremely difficult, leaving us with poor self-images, which took many years to overcome. We were a source of strength and comfort for one another as we dealt with our growing pains. In spite of all our difficulties, we were lucky to have been given a wonderful set of values that we were able to use over the years, with ourselves and others.

Julie moved to Manhattan when she was eighteen, and Madaline lived in the suburbs, but worked in the city and spent most of her time there as well. We discovered The Village, boys, the HB acting studio, the upper Westside and traveling here and in Europe. Julie became a film editor, and Madaline did work in television commercials and office administration. She then married. What a mess! (But she did have 2 beautiful children). She came out of it stronger than ever.

Julie put her career first and waited till she found the right guy to marry. He was six years younger, but he was right.

Then, we discovered the Bible. It was eye opening. It helped us deal with many complex situations and guided us with a quiet confidence and peace in ways that we had never before experienced.

When you feel that you have been given so much, you want to share it with others. That is why we have written our book “Recipes For A Beautiful Life”. And that is why we are starting this Blog.

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Madaline Hall and Julie Keye